Buyout Suggestion To Solve Turkey Creek Flooding

Warren Howard grew up in the home which belonged to his parents years ago in this Turkey Creek neighborhood.

"My mother and father passed away and they left me the house here and plus the land from here belongs to me," Howard said.

Howard joins many of the descendants of those original Turkey Creek families that still live in the neighborhood, which dates back to the mid-1800's.

Not only is it home, the land represents history.

Howard would like to see a solution to the flooding in this community, but he believes a federal buyout may not result in a fair amount for this land.

"If they buy it out, people in Turkey Creek don't pay rent so pay enough where we can move somewhere where we don't have to pay rent," Howard said.

Kenny Barnes and his friends believe the buyout suggestion is simply a way to avoid the flooding problem - a technique to try to intimidate the residents.

Barnes says you can't put a price tag on history.

"What is enough money? Whatever money is offered, where else are these people gonna go? It'll cost them more anywhere else. Right here on their own property they can live cheaper than they can anywhere else. Money really isn't everything. Your serenity is worth more than money," Barnes said.

Again, Hewes' comment was only a suggestion.

Residents said if the city would just clean out the creek like it promised...much of the problem would be resolved.