Biloxi Schools Launch New Ad Campaign

This week, students at Beauvoir Elementary are experiencing what it's like to be an astronaut. They have to use gloves to carry out simple tasks, make their own space pudding and try on some out-of-this-world outfits.

The lesson on space is going on in the school's Imagination Station. Lisa Garriga is a Kindergarten Teacher at Beauvoir. She said "Everything in here is hands on. We come in here to do cooking activities, we have a store where Winn Dixie is one of our sponsors, and the Little People's Bank".

The Imagination Stations are showcased in a new ad by the Biloxi School District. The goal is to entice students who live outside the school district to enroll in Biloxi schools this Fall.

Sue Durbin is a spokesperson for the Biloxi School District. She said "We've had so many calls from outside the school district, especially in the newly annexed Woolmarket area, that they're wanting to know how can we come to the new schools"?

The commercials also show-off the district's new $32 million high school across the Bay, and other buildings under construction.

Durbin said "We've been through a huge building process, including new Gorenflo and Nichols schools, and everybody wants to know what's going on in Biloxi schools".

The school district believes the ads can reach more people, and hopefully encourage them to try out Biloxi schools for themselves. Durbin said "I don't know of any other school districts that are doing this, but we're state-of-the-art and we want everybody to know".

If you want to send your child to Biloxi schools, but you live outside the district, it will cost you $600.00 to enroll. Your child must also meet certain behavior and academic requirements.

By the way, the school district paid for the ads from a special fund in the school budget. The ads will run through the end of August.

By: Trang Pham-Bui