Millions of gallons of rain and raw sewage spew in Waveland

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - By Al Showers – bio | email

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - A pressure washer and a vacuum truck are cleaning up a mixture of raw sewerage and rain water.

"The lift station you see behind me, the water was just shooting up about this high off the ground. The man holes had water in it, and it was raw sewerage coming out of there." Waveland resident Steven Dobrowski said.

Dobrowski lives right across the street from the lift station. He and his neighbors say the smell has been unbearable.

"It really stinks," Waveland resident Timothy Carter said.

"As the sun beats down on it, the hotter it gets the worse it's going to start smelling," Dobrowski said.

He said he fears for his own safety and his neighbor's safety, as well.

"A couple of elderly people live here," Dobrowski said. "One is 90, and one is 84. And it could cause health issues with them."

Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo calls the sewer problem an unfortunate mishap. He said a 40-year-old sewer pipe with the capacity to hold a million gallons of waste water took in ten million gallons of waste mixed with rain water.

"We got eight inches of rain in a relatively short amount of time," Mayor Longo said. "So nine million gallons of water had to bubble up some where, and it did."

Longo said the infrastructure work taking place on the street now is designed to fix the problem permanently.

"With the upgrade to the line and the new line that's going in, once it's completed sometime later this week, we hope. And we go on, and we shift over to the new line then this shouldn't be a problem again," Longo said.

Residents who have put up with the smell for the past few days are counting on that. After the mess has been cleaned up, DEQ officials say chlorine tablets will be used to disinfect the area.

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