Stacy Schutz's Winning Project Homefront Essay

Congratulations to Stacy Schutz, our August Project Homefront essay winner! Read her winning story below, or click here to enter your own essay.

This letter is to nominate my sister-in-law and friend, Cindy Reed. Cindy's husband, Brian Reed, is a Navy Seabee stationed in Gulfport and is currently deployed. His battalion is serving an extra long deployment this time which will is 10 months.

I first meet her several years ago and we became instant close friends.It was a few years later that I first meet her brother that quickly lead to us being sisters-in-law. Cindy was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28 and underwent surgery to remove the breast along with radiation. She showed such strength in character and faith that it was aspiring for me to just know such a person let alone be friends with her.

In 2005, we both lost our homes to Katrina. Her home had over 15 feet of water that scattered their belongings for miles. We evacuated but our husbands had to return to duty the next day while we traveled to her parents in Illinois. We stayed for 2 weeks because she had her drain tube taken out prior to the storm and had to wait 2 weeks to get the stitches out after.

Cindy has shown such grace and strength in fighting breast cancer and rebuilding while being a military wife and mother.With her husband gone for an extended deployment this time and her working full time in the insurance industry, she deserves to have some pampering.

Please choose Cindy for this gift because she had give me the gift of true sisterhood and has shown me what it's like to be friends... to be sisters.