Dixie Lee's Winning Project Homefront Essay

Congratulations to Sydney Decker, our May Project Homefront essay winner! Read her winning story below, or click here to enter your own essay.

I was the youngest of three children. Daddy "went to sea" for 9 months at a time, so we weren't real used to having him home. I have wonderful memories of waving at a big ship, with what looked like a thousand sailors aboard, and Mama doing her best to point out which one was our Daddy. Then we'd move again.

Dad finally retired in 1971 with 20 years of service to our country. A proud Veteran, he now resides in NC. My mother passed away less than 10 yrs. later, with 30 years of dedication to my father, and us kids.

For years, I have thought a lot about what it must've been like for my mother. Between raising three children, part-time jobs, and moving so often, she still found time to write my Daddy letters daily. I finally realized her true strength and courage, when I recalled the fact that I had never, ever seen my mother cry! (Surely, she must have! My Daddy was her soul mate!)

My mother truly was "a hero in her own right." A realization that took me nearly 30 years to embrace! I'd like to share a song, written by me, called "Military Wives." A tribute to ALL military wives, the song honors their strength and courage on the "homefront lines."

You can hear "Military Wives" at: http://www.myspace.com/dixieleemusic. I was fortunate enough to perform this song at Seabee Day on May 9th, 2010.

My prayer is that these women will be up-lifted and honored for their brave dedication to us all! "God bless the ranks of Military Wives"!

Thank you,
Dixie Lee