Cedar Lake Business Ready To Welcome New Neighbor

Businesses along Cedar Lake Road in Biloxi are preparing to welcome a major store chain to the neighborhood. Early next month Home Depot will open its doors for business. It's one of many stores the area has attracted in the last few years.

Mickey Houck took over the Sonic Drive-In two years ago. He says these days people can pull in for vanilla cones and not have to dodge construction cones thanks to the completion of the five laning expansion project.

"This new road has helped us," said Houck. "When they finish Popps Ferry with the add on to that, that's just gonna help us. Everybody's looking for growth and this is where I think it's gonna come from."

Jennifer Rich says the Cedar Lake area is the perfect arrangement for her flower shop and she's eager to see more businesses move in.

"A grocery store in this area, beauty salons, almost everything. Cause with everything you either have to drive to D'Iberville or Biloxi so I want to see more in this area," she said.

Workers at Home Depot are busy putting the finishing touches on a July ninth grand opening. Developer Scott DeLano considers Home Depot part the right mix of businesses that will make sure Cedar Lake has a strong economic future. A major grocery store is another part.

DeLano said "We feel that we've positioned ourselves to be able to do a project out there that in five or tens year worth of time, we're gonna stand back and say we did that right and the city of Biloxi is gonna be happy with it and well as and more importantly the citizens and Biloxi and the people that are gonna be using the goods and services."

DeLano is being selective in the tenants who move into the Cedar Popps Shopping Center. He says he has turned away some businesses and not renewed the leases in hopes of sealing a deal with a grocery store.