Burger Burger - Howard Avenue, Biloxi

Does the name Ann Raye ring a bell? Here's a hint: She was a country western recording artist in the fifties. Ann Raye once had Elvis join her on a Biloxi stage. And she has the picture to prove it, but you'll have to go to her restaurant to see it.

Once she saw him perform on stage, she knew Elvis was going to be big. Years later, Ann Raye the singer has turned in her microphone for a spatula.

Ann Raye is Martha Ebberman the Burger Burger star. She's very proud of her singing past, but she's even prouder of her current gig as restaurateur.

Don't let the name of the restaurant, Burger Burger, throw you. There's a lot more to choose from than just burgers. There are all kinds of po-boys from roast beef to shrimp, crabmeat, softshell crab (when in season).

If you don't want a sandwich, you can choose from the daily specials, maybe grilled fish with a stuffed baked potato, or a special salad.

Of course there is the Burger Burger. A whole one is 18 inches long. One person set a restaurant record by eating eight whole burger burgers in one sitting. Naturally, they washed it all down with eight Barqs root beers.

Friday night is the only night they're open for dinner. That's when you'll find the surf and turf or the seafood platter.

While you wait for your scrumptious meal, you can take a trip back in time -- Biloxi style. The restaurant is decorated with old Biloxi pictures of fisherman and baseball teams. One even shows the Hermit that once lived on Ship Island. There is a lot of history on the walls at Burger Burger.

Burger Burger is open Monday through Saturday for lunch from 11am until 3pm and Friday nights for a more upscale dinner. It's located on Howard Ave just West of I-110. Call 432-5183.