Danny Bodie glad to be back home

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - By Doug Walker – bio | email

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - The Danny Bodie home is a work in progress. Saws break the silence of a still morning.  Hammers pound out a rhythm that Bodie has been waiting five years to hear.

He and his fiancee, Sherry, walk around and make sure everything is just right.  That wasn't the case after Katrina.  All that was left of the Bodie home in Gulf Hills was a pile of rubble and troubling memories. The storm took its toll on Bodie.

"I was really depressed after losing everything and coming here there was nothing left. And it was kind of like you want to give up, but came down here and just started a little bit at a time."

The new home has incredible views of Mother Nature's beauty.  One one side is Fort Bayou, with Ocean Springs in the background.  On the other side is the calm and serene view of the fourth green of the Gulf Hills Golf Course.

But the best thing about the house, it's being built to last.  Thomas Matthew is framing the house, and describes its strength.

"It's got plywood on the outside walls, we strapped every stud, everything is laid on 16 inch on centers as far as the rafters," Matthew said.  "I would say 200 mph winds would be no problem."

It's been a long and painful five years for Danny Bodie since Katrina struck. He's dealt with financial difficulties, insurance problems, but when all is said and done he feels it's going to be well worth the wait when he moves back into his new home.

"It feels real good," Bodie said.  "I feel a lot better about it, knowing it's going to be a strong house and I'm happy to get back."

Even with all the beauty around him, right next door are painful reminders of the storm: a former neighbors home in ruins.  But that hasn't stopped Bodie.

"You never forget it, but the pain goes away and it's really nice, really nice."

Bodie hopes to have the house finished in the next couple of months, and ready to move into by the holidays.

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