Rendezvous Returns To Ship Island

It's a day some people have been waiting for, for three years. Sunday, the boater's Rendezvous returned to Ship Island. Thousands of people and hundreds of boats swarmed the shores of Ship Island.

Bathing suits, floating chairs, people laying out and getting a little sun--it was a day some thought may never return.

"It's the best, best time of the year, this is the most wonderful thing I've been to," one swimmer said.

Before the real fun begins, a blessing brought a brief time of reflection for the boaters.

Hundreds enjoyed the warms waters of the sea, as they spent time with friends and family. The swimmers said this is what living on the coast is all about--they don't have a care in the world.

"We're having a great time. We look forward to this every year," Gautier resident Melissa McLain said.

"Lots of people, lots of fun," Biloxi resident Michelle Sekul said.

"This is the first one I've ever been to, so far just visiting with everybody, getting to know everybody and hanging out," said another rendezvous participant.

There was a consensus among Rendezvous-ers about keeping the waters clean, so the fun can continue next year.

"The Rendezvous is great, I love it. I hope we have it next year. I hope everybody keeps it clean so we can come back next year," another swimmer said.

Next year hopes to bring back the men and women serving our county overseas, who couldn't be here Sunday.

A brief presentation at this year's Rendezvous made sure our south Mississippi troops aren't forgotten.

"We've got something special for them and we're going to send it all the way to Iraq for them," Rendezvous coordinator Bill Holmes said.

Patrollers with DMR said they experienced few problems at the Rendezvous throughout the day.