South Mississippi Couples Share Their "Amazing Love Stories"

You can't buy love, but an amazing love story is saving one lucky couple thousands of dollars as they get ready to walk down the aisle. In its "Amazing Love Stories" contest, Singing River Mall in Gautier asked future brides and grooms to write essays about what makes their relationship special. The winners receive $17,000 in prizes for their wedding, reception and honeymoon.

Chris Bridges said it didn't dawn on him that Rachel Orr was the person he wanted to share his life with until eight years after they met.

"We were best friends in high school and I couldn't imagine life without her. She's my best friend still," he said.

In December, their love grew into an engagement. In the Amazing Love story contest Chris told of how they were planning for a May wedding when their lives took an unexpected turn. Rachel went in for a checkup and the doctor discovered a mass that would require surgery. The couple says they had no choice but to cancel the wedding. Talking about the possibility that Rachel may never have children of her own wasn't easy, especially in front of people they don't know.

"It's a little awkward because I don't know any of these people walking around but I was with her so it wasn't that bad," said Bridges.

Orr said "It's very emotional. We worked really hard on it so it's kind of exciting to at least share it with people."

A three hour limo ride was just of the prizes that went to some lucky couple. Rachel Orr said it doesn't matter if her story is chosen as the most amazing love story, because she's already a winner in love.

"I'm very lucky," said Orr. "It makes me very happy to know that I have someone very special that will go through everything with me."

Wayne Byar and Melissa Trahan were chosen as the winners of the contest.

They beat out sixty other couples.