Deputies Investigate Possible Gang-Related Shootings

Harrison County and Jackson County investigators say around 5:00 Thursday morning, officers received a call about a drive-by shooting in the Porteaux Bay subdivision in St. Martin. Then, deputies got a report of a shoot-out involving three vehicles on Sunny Drive in Harrison County.

Deputies spotted the suspects on Automall Parkway in D'Iberville, and after a brief chase, they arrested ten, young Asian men. No one was hurt in either shooting. Authorities are trying to determine if they were in retaliation for two fatal shootings in D'Iberville last month.

Harrison County Sheriffs Investigator Joey Tracy said "We know of possible gang activity. Until you can actually sit down with possibly one of the gang members, and actually ask as to what the reason was, it's really unsure at this point. Again, the investigation is still ongoing".

The suspects are between the ages of 16 and 26. Two of them are from Jackson County. They are 19-year old Johnson Dieu Nguyen and 18-year old Thanh Tri Nguyen. The other suspects are from Avondale, Louisiana and Bayou LaBatre, Alabama. They are in the Harrison County Jail, each under a $100,000 bond.

The Jackson County Sheriffs' Department is conducting its own investigation to determine whether to file more charges against the suspects involved in the Jackson County shooting.

By:  Trang Pham-Bui