MS Attorney General says BP needs faster claims process

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - The State Attorney General's office says BP has yet to pay 63 percent of claims for losses from the oil spill in Mississippi.

Attorney General Jim Hood says he's been working with BP on a faster claims process, one that will allow victims to track their claims online.

As of last week, 6,050 of 9,600 total actionable claims are still being evaluated for payment.

A total of $28.6 million has been paid, most of those claims were for property damage or lost wages.

Hood says that BP is "trying to get by on the fact that they have paid out $28 million, but the reality is that the majority of claims are just sitting on hold."

He says there are 1,062 claims from Rental Property Owners, but BP has only paid 63.

Of 695 boat claims, only 30 payments have been made.

"BP is claiming they haven't yet denied a claim, when the truth is they've only closed a couple dozen cases," said Attorney General Hood.

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