Pascagoula murder suspects blame each other for killing

Daniel Hatten
Daniel Hatten
Rodney McKenzie (Photo source: Pascagoula Police Dept.)
Rodney McKenzie (Photo source: Pascagoula Police Dept.)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - By Patrice Clark – bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Two men are now in jail charged with capital murder for the killing of a Pascagoula dog breeder.

Pascagoula Police said Daniel Hatten showed up at a friend's apartment Wednesday night. When he fell asleep, police say that friend turned him in.

Just 24 hours after Rodney McKenzie appeared in court to face a capital murder charge, Hatten did the same. Both men stand accused of robbing and killing Johnny Bullock early Tuesday morning.

"We have piecemealed this thing together in a matter of 48 hours," Lt. Davy Davis said. "We have eyewitness testimony that saw two men run from the van after the shooting."

According to Pascagoula investigators, Bullock picked up McKenzie early Tuesday morning in his van. The two men went to a gas station where they saw Hatten.

"They flagged Hatten down and told Hatten they will give him a ride to wherever he is going," Davis said.

The suspects told investigators that during the drive, they noticed a bottle of Lortab in the van and McKenzie asked to buy them from Bullock.

"Mr. Bullock said if you don't have money, I am not giving you any of this medication," Davis said.

That's when someone pulled out a gun and a fight started between Bullock and the suspects. Then police said there were gunshots.

Davis said the gun was later found near McKenzie's apartment, but McKenzie implicated Hatten as the shooter.

"Mr. Hatten, we have nothing other than McKenzie saying, Mr. Hatten did it," Davis said.

Police said no matter who did what, they believe both suspects played a role in Johnny Bullock's murder.

"It was merely a crime of opportunity."

Police said they still don't know why Bullock picked up McKenzie in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Police said Hatten was homeless, and Bullock may have known him from the Salvation Army because he would go there looking for extra help for his kennel business.

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