Teaching fiscal responsibility is as important as reading, writing & math

This week we reported on something that I hope catches on around the state and nation. Keesler Federal Credit Union and Biloxi High School joined forces to create a student run branch at the school. This credit union at a high school is the first of its kind in Mississippi.

Students will be able to open a bank account and bank at school. In addition the Credit Union is offering financial education courses to students after the regular school day. This is a great opportunity for teenagers to start learning about fiscal responsibility and the importance of money management.

Too often many of our teens grow up and never learn the importance of not spending more than they have and to save for their future. Learning how to manage your money in many ways is just as important a subject as what we learn in English, history or math classes.

We encourage other banks and credit unions in South Mississippi to invest in our future by reaching out to other local schools and start similar programs.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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