Top Ten Beaches Don't Include Biloxi

Neisha Kanada, Kyla Sam and Amanda Guitreaux are from Baton Rouge.  They say there's no better way to spend Memorial Day than on the beach. Even though Biloxi's sun and sand doesn't even rate in the top ten best beaches, this trio says our beaches have a lot to offer.

"The sand's better ya know, there's more people over here since the last time I've been," says Kanada.

Sam says, "I like it. The sand is very pretty, the water is clear, you can see far out and there's not a lotta rowdy people acting weird."

"I like it just fine ya know, sand and water, that's all I need and it's only a two hour drive versus a six hour drive to Panama City, so," Guitreaux says.

By the way, Panama City doesn't get a top ten ranking either. The International University in Miami, says the prime beaches are in Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina and New York. Biloxi doesn't even get a mention.

Willie Temple of St. Louis says "It should be on the top ten, be up there somewhere between one and five anyway. I like the white sand, the sand is beautiful, the water's alright, everything's good."

Will Louviere of Hammond thinks so too. His family visits a couple of times each month.

"I like it, it's close by, everybody's friendly on the beach ya know, there's no trouble, my kids love it."

Beach vendors hear all kinds of feedback, most of it is positive.

"I get a lotta comments, believe it or not, on how good our beach looks even compared to some of the Florida beaches. I mean it's a crazy thing cause this is all manmade beach and they do a lotta work keepin' it up so I think they do a pretty good job. I get more good responses than bad," says long time vendor Pat Pigott.

He says the biggest complaint he gets is that the water's dirty. Pigott says he tries to explain that it's not, but he says not all tourists are convinced.