Young Stars Get Together To Play Soccer

James and Gale Alexander drove from Laurel to see their 8-year-old grandson Lee.

He's number 14 and a member of the soccer team known as the Blues Brothers.

We asked the proud grandparents what they know about soccer.

"Nothing, but we're supposed to be here. We're proud. We're rooting for both teams, but it is more fun when you see your grandson score a goal," Alexander said.

Lee and the Blues Brothers played the Ocean Springs Vipers Sunday afternoon.

They joined hundreds of other players at the first annual Memorial Day All Star Soccer Classic.

This two-day event is a warm up for the southern regional games coming up in two weeks, which will hopefully qualify them to play on a state level.

This classic is designed to be more than just simply playing a game.

"We wanted it all for a format where they have a little something to play for. We haven't forgotten that the game is still fun, but this is at a competitive level. So we wanted to offer the kids and the teams a chance to come and play in a format such as this and have a chance to when a medal, and to come together for sportsmanship," director Jay Fike said.

Unfortunately Lee and his Blues Brothers teammates lost the game to the Vipers,but it's all in HOW you played the game that counts in the end.

Each team played a minimum of three games over the weekend.