Waveland City Hall Renovations Nearly Complete

96-year-old Thelma France doesn't have to go to Waveland City Hall too often any more. Her relatives pay her utility bills for her, but she recalls what it used to be like trying to get her wheelchair into the building.

She says a chat with the mayor was out of the question--two flights of stairs prevented that.

She said, "It just wasn't accessible. You might have to go for good reasons and you really couldn't go, but that renovation will really help a lot of people. I think it's wonderful because you never know when you might need city hall."

A new elevator under construction will make it easier for people like Thelma to visit the mayor.

"It's an overall renovation to ADA standard for a 115 year old historic building which is not an easy task to say the least, Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo said.

The entire building is being modified to make it more customer friendly to the disabled--everything from rest rooms to counters tops.

The mayor said, "In the past, if someone came in downstairs the amount of out reach material and things we're doing now to better inform the public the counter tops were so high that somebody in a wheelchair would be able to reach them or even know they were there."

Mayor Longo said residents can expect to see many other improvements here.

"Not only are we renovating and brining everything on the inside to ADA standards it's getting a facelift and new paint job upgrades to the railing and steps again for the safety reasons also, " he said.

The work is expected to be finished in late June, and that's good news to people like Thelma France.

A federal grant is funding half of the $500,000 project.