Motorcycle Blowout Far From Burnout

The hogs came in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and they definitely came fast.

There were close to 10,000 people from all over the world at the 2003 All Harley Blowout on Saturday afternoon.

They all share one love - motorcycles.

"Going down the road in a motorcycle versus a car is a whole different experience. It's like an adventurous spirit. Like you're on an adventure rather than just going for a ride down the road," Asgard Motorcycle Club member Smokey said.

Not only are there fast bikes on display. There are plenty of catchy T-shirts, pins and sunglasses for everyone out there beating the heat.

And you can't forget the babes. Rachel Mills is this year's Miss Blowout. She's the youngest Miss Blowout ever at 19 years old, and as with any queen, she has her duties.

"I have to take pictures with the people out here of course, you know, give them a memory to go home with, and also I'm gonna do a little handing out trophies and awards and just pretty much making an appearance at all of the events going on today and tomorrow," Mills said.

With all the fun going on here at the Gulfport Dragway, the same fun that's been going on for 21 years, chances are there will never be a complete burnout.

Smokey said the biggest misconception about bikers is that they go across the country terrorizing neighborhoods.

These bikers are far from that old Hollywood image...

All of the proceeds from this event goes straight to charity.