Private Estate Donates Beach Front Home To Coast Agency

Crews remove the shrubs surrounding a quaint yellow house on Biloxi's beach front. The 2,500 square foot home was built some 30 years ago. The California estate that owns it donated the vacant house to "Visions of Hope".

Sarah Walker couldn't believe it when she heard the news.

"I was elated. That's all I can tell you. I was almost at the point of tears."

Walker is the director of "Visions of Hope", a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing and home-buying classes to low-income people. Her vision is to turn the house into the agency's new office.

On Friday, the contractor began cutting the house into three sections, preparing it for the big move its new location on Division Street.

"It's lovely. We will have four offices in here, and we will have a large lobby area. That will give us the space we need to do all the different program services," Walker said.

The estate has also agreed to donate seven other cottages and bungalows to Visions of Hope. Those units are located right behind the beach front home. Visions of Hope still needs to find the funding, and work out the final arrangements before it can move the homes and turn them into affordable housing.

"Affordable housing is extremely scarce, especially here in the Biloxi area. Six of those homes we hope to turn into affordable housing. That will definitely, definitely alleviate the housing shortages," Walker said.

It should take about about ten days to move the entire house to Division Street. As for the other seven cottages, Visions of Hope is applying for a grant to help cover the cost of relocating and renovating those homes.