A.J. Giardina's thoughts on Brett Favre's possible retirement

By A.J. Giardina – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Is Brett Favre really calling it quits after 19 years in the NFL?

According to various sources, Favre sent a text to some of his Minnesota teammates, saying he wasn't coming back.  He reportedly told Vikings head coach Brad Childress that his ankle wasn't responding as well to surgery and his rehabilitation wasn't going as well as he had liked.

If Brett can't play to the best of his ability, he knows deep down that it's time to end his brilliant NFL career.

Favre took a physical beating during the Vikings NFC title game against the Saints, a beating that continues to affect Brett physically. Something to consider for someone who will turn 41-years-old in October.  The NFL is a brutal game.  Can his body endure another season?

New Orleans pounded Brett and the final blow was the tackle where Favre severely injured his ankle and was helped off the field.  Most players would have said, that's it...I'm going to remain on the sidelines.  Not Brett Favre.  He came back and almost led the Vikings to victory, until an interception sealed the win for New Orleans, which eventually led to the Saints Super Bowl victory.

After coming so close last season, most experts felt Favre would return this year for one final shot at a second Super Bowl ring.

With a bum ankle, Brett most likely would not survive an entire NFL season.  Another big hit could cause physical damage for the rest of his life. Is that worth it?

If Favre does indeed retire, he leaves the game with 181 careers wins, 285 consecutive starts, 495 career touchdowns, the most passes thrown and the most yards passing and one Super Bowl ring.

He will go down as one of the most, if not the best NFL quarterback to ever play the game.

Brett Favre will be missed, but not forgotten...that is unless he decides not to retire?

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