EOC officials anxious for leak to be plugged

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - All the people involved in responding to the BP oil spill are anxious to see that well capped.

The folks at the Emergency Operations Center in Harrison County have come to know one another real well over the last 105 days. They are on the front lines in the response to the coastal crisis. For a long time, they were having daily meetings; Now it's down to three days a week.

"It has been kind of a roller coaster ride," EOC Director Rupert Lacy said of the last 105 days.

Lacy has been the captain of this team. And over the last three plus months, there have been good days, bad days, and a lot of stressful days.

"This is nothing like watching a weather system move in," he said. "We can see it, we can anticipate it, but we just could not see this."

There are still many issues that remain to be resolved. Things like, where is all that oil? Also, what about the dispersant in terms of its effects on our environment? As long as those questions are out there, the EOC team will continue to meet. As Lacy put it, they have to hope for the best, but always assume the worst.

Lacy did say he is confident BP will make good on its promise to be here until the last drop of oil is gone.

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