Ocean Springs Proposal Puts More Stop Signs On Government Street

A yellow sign warns drivers along Government Street they're about to approach a danger zone. The busy intersection at Hunter and Government is one of four locations the city is considering erecting additional stop signs, forcing all drivers to come to a halt.

Ward 5 Alderman Jerry Dalgo said "The city has grown so much, so it's very difficult for neighbors to pull out. Also, school buses have to wait their turn".

Dalgo also wants to ease the congestion in front of the Stark Bayou and Promenade subdivisions. He says it's one of the worst, so he's pushing to turn the area into a four-way stop.

Jerry Dalgo said "It's an accessibility issue. It's a safety issue. The traffic is so thick in the morning, these people that live in these neighborhoods that need to get to school, that need to get to work, sometimes they have to sit here a long period of time".

Many residents agree stop signs will help them and school busses pull out onto Government St. Tinker Cassell lives in the Magnolia Bayou subdivision. He said "There's a lot of kids, there's a lot of traffic and schools here. So, a stop sign I think would help the issue".

But some residents question whether stop signs are really necessary. Sherry Ferris said "I've never had any big problems coming out of here. Everybody's just real polite".

Alderman Dalgo says another reason the stop signs are needed is to protect pedestrians. The city is in the process of putting in sidewalks along a section of Government St., and the signs are supposed to slow down drivers.

Dalgo said "Traffic has to move at an orderly pace, much like it does downtown. To have three miles of open road between the stadium and the middle school without one stop sign, it's been problematic. That's what we hope to correct".

Dalgo hopes once the stop signs go up, the "danger" signs can finally come down. The stop sign proposal will go before the Board of Aldermen for a final vote sometime in June.