Thousands of people make purchases during tax free weekend

By Jessica Bowman – email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Saturday was the last day of the tax free weekend in Mississippi and thousands of people took full advantage of that day. If you purchased any type of clothing or shoes you would not have to pay the seven percent sales tax.

A sea of people flooded the mall looking for that perfect tax free item.

LaTonya Rucker said, "I just bought a pair of jeans for like 11 bucks and they're normally like 20 something dollars. So, yeah they have a lot of good deals."

Shopper LaTonya Rucker said deals like that brought in more customers than usual.

"I think they get a lot more business on tax free weekend. The tax is what bumps up the price a lot, so when you don't have to worry about that a lot of people tend to shop crazy and buy a lot more stuff so they get a lot more business," said Rucker.

One of the malls' anchor stores is offering an additional discount besides sales tax savings.

Toby Kelly said, "We offer with the seven percent tax, JCPenneys is doing an additional 15 percent. So it's 22 percent off."

JCPenneys Store Manager Toby Kelly said that extra bargain reeled in the customers and merchandise flew off the shelves.

The denim, the jeans, the screen tees and Converse, that's the big thing," said Kelly.

Because of popular items like the Converse tennis shoes Kelly said store traffic was up to par.

Kelly said, "Oh, we've had thousands through our door today. The store has done very well."

As shoppers made final purchases and headed out the door looking for more Rucker said she's was staying put.

Rucker said, "I'll be here as long as tax free weekend continues."

Rucker said total, she saved more than 100 dollars.

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