Record highs bring heat dangers

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - By Elizabeth Vowell – email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Triple digits and record highs have put South Mississippi under a weekend heat advisory, and as the temperatures rise, so do the danger of heat stress.

"What you need to watch out for are headaches, signs of dizziness, thirst, cramping, signs of overdoing it in the heat," said Beach Pharmacy Pharmacist Jason Krohn.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are common problems during summer months.  Outdoor workers are especially vulnerable.

"Everybody's different. Certain men got their breaking point earlier than others," said Tractor Tree and Turf employee Mike Fraser.

While no one enjoys being hot and sweaty during summer days according to Krohn, sweating is actually a good sign.

"If you stop sweating and you're not sweating at all, you definitely need to start drinking fluids because that's a good sign that you've gotten dehydrated.  Probably call it a day if you've gotten to that point and probably stay out of the heat a couple more days after that," explained Krohn.

If you have to brave the heat this weekend there are a few things you can do to keep cool and out of an ambulance.

"When you start getting light headedness, dizziness, you need to go inside, cool off in the air conditioning and take a break," said Krohn.  "Get in the shade if you can't get in the air conditioning. Take breaks as often as possible.  Definitely drink plenty of fluids."

"Know your limit mainly more than anything. Know what ever you can handle and what you can't handle and that's pretty much about it," said Joseph Montgomery, another Tractor Tree and Turf employee.

The heat advisory will last until Sunday afternoon.

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