Sales tax savings begin today on some purchases

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - If you go shopping today or tomorrow for back-to-school clothes, most likely you will be able to save on the sales tax. Mississippi's tax free holiday begins today and runs through Saturday.

This is the second year of this program that was designed by state lawmakers to help parents shave some of the expenses involved in sending their children back to school.

In the next two days, you can save the seven percent sales tax when you buy clothing and shoes that are under $100. The tax free holiday does not include school supplies or computers. Click here to see a complete list of which purchases qualify for the tax-free status.

If you plan on making a large number of purchases, you may want to review the list, since it can be a bit complicated. For example, football jerseys are tax-free, but football pants and pads are not.

The following cities are not participating in the sales tax holiday:  Artesia, Bolton, Crenshaw, Enterprise, Fayette, Guntown, Heidelberg, Leland, Lumberton, Magnolia, Meadville, Purvis, Sherman, and Thaxton.

Later today on and WLOX News, we'll show you how the first day of the tax free holiday is going for shoppers looking to save some money and merchants looking to ring up their sales.

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