Move puts the view back in Harbor View Cafe

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - By Krystal Allan – bio | email

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - After nearly 16 years in business, the move to downtown Long Beach marks a new beginning for Harbor View Cafe.

"We never dreamed the center of town would be so beautiful," said Harbor View Owner Dana Barrett. "We're really excited to be part of it, and we think a lot of other people will want to be part of it too."

The project also signals a promising new direction for Jeff Davis Avenue, the main road into downtown Long Beach. It's the first business, built from the ground up, on the street. It sits less than a block from the beach.

"This is private investment. This is what we're looking for, to have people lured here to knowing they'll be comfortable and that they'll be successful," Mayor Billy Skellie said.

The Barretts say their ultimate success depends on community support. Over the years, they've developed close relationships with cafe regulars.

"We go every Sunday after church and maybe once or twice during the week," Mike Morgan said/ "They have an omelet named after me. It's called the Mike Morgan Omelet."

The Harbor View Cafe was a fixture in Pass Christian before it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Currently, it sits in a plaza off Pineville Road in Long Beach. The new cafe will be almost twice as big and feature a full service bar.

"There's a lot of good food and a lot of new items coming out on the menu," said Sage Barrett, the owner's daughter.

"We're gonna have an open front porch with paddle fans that wraps around. You're gonna be able to get your beautiful view again. We're putting the view back into Harbor View, which is really gonna be nice," Dana Barrett said.

The new restaurant is set to open early next year.

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