Gulfport Council Votes Not To Censure The Mayor

A controversial chapter in the city of Gulfport's history appears to be over. By a five-to-two vote Tuesday, the city council chose not to censure Mayor Ken Combs for making some controversial comments.

Although the mayor was not at the council meeting, he has repeatedly apologized for calling some people opposed to a development in North Gulfport "dumb bastards."

Some in the city called for his censure and even his resignation.

Councilmen Ricky Dombrowski was one of those voting Tuesday not to censure the mayor.

"I think he was wrong. I think he knows he was wrong, but I think this issue should go away, and hopefully today is the last time we will hear anything about this," Dombrowski said.

The two councilmembers voting in favor of censure were Ella Holmes Hines and Jimmie Jenkins.

In sharp contrast to the heated and lengthy debate in the past, Tuesday's discussion before the vote lasted only a few minutes.