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Supervisors still angry about oil waste at Pecan Grove


By David Elliott – bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County Supervisors are still fuming over an agreement between BP, Waste Management and the Unified Command to dump oil impacted waste at the Pecan Grove landfill.

"The citizens out there, especially within a half mile of the landfill, about 250 homes have been subjected to that waste," said Supervisor Marlin Ladner.

At Monday's board meeting, supervisors addressed the plan and announced that they want more information about the agreement.

The county estimates more than 1200 tons of oil tainted by product has already been dumped at Pecan Grove. Supervisors don't appreciate that they were left out of discussions to allow the dumping of oil drenched material.

"That landfill is in Harrison County for our waste. That's why it was built there. And now to allow BP to put all this waste in it, it's wrong," said Supervisor William Martin.

The board wants another meeting and more negotiations with the principle players in this debate. James Wyly, an attorney for Waste Management told supervisors the company will work with them.

"Waste Management will hold any solid waste for disposal at a staging area rather than put it in the landfill," Wyly said.

A BP representative appeared at the meeting, but did not have the authority to commit to anything. The representative was dismissed by Supervisor Ladner.

"At least they could have enough respect to send folks that can make decisions to talk to us," Ladner said.

Supervisors instructed Board Attorney Tim Holleman to prepare an injunction to stop the dumping, if a future meeting fails to produce results.

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