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Biloxi leaders vote to ban Spice; D'Iberville may be next


BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi is now the latest South Mississippi city to ban Spice, an incense that some people say they smoke for a pot-like high. The Biloxi City Council voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon to make Spice illegal to purchase, posses, sell or distribute in that city.

In the past few weeks, Jackson County and its cities have banned the herbal mixture. 

Ward one Councilman George Lawrence first asked the city to outlaw Spice.

"You have to attack it as soon as you can, and I think what we did today is a good thing," Lawrence said.

The herbal incense is sold with a warning that it is not for human consumption, but that warning is often ignored. It's used by some people as a marijuana substitute.

"We actually have encountered some street marijuana salesman who have started selling Spice," Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said.

The city will immediately begin to notify stores selling Spice that it is now against the law.

"These businesses were doing what was legal," Miller said. "We don't want it to be a surprise to anyone. So we, before we take enforcement action, we will certainly notify everyone that it needs to come off the shelves now."

The next city that will consider a ban on products like Spice is D'Iberville. The police chief wants an ordinance adopted next week that prevents stores from selling the synthetic materials.

D'Iberville City Manager Michael Janus is authoring the ordinance and will present it to the city council at its next meeting.

"In terms of public safety, I obviously listen to my police chief in these areas. And he has a concern, which means I have a concern about it," Janus said. "I'm going to follow his recommendation, and we're going to be very proactive on it. We're going to get it off our streets."

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