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Tropical Depression Bonnie brings oil to MS shoreline

By Jessica Bowman – email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Cleanup crews will be out on Mississippi beaches first thing Monday morning, cleaning up what Bonnie brought to shore.

Although Tropical Depression Bonnie passed through our state pretty quietly, Mississippi Guard Director of Military Support Commander Lee Smithson said some oil could be spotted on our shore line.

Commander Lee Smithson said, "The thing is, with the storm that recently came through, with the wind and wave activities it's breaking the oil down a lot."

The oil that was broke down during the system was seen by Harrison County Emergency Management Agency Director Rupert Lacy.

"We're seeing some small dried up type patties. They don't have the stickiness or the consistency that we saw early on to this. They're about size of the tip of your pinky. We just noticed a few more pieces that have come in that are 50 cent piece size and some quarter size," said Rupert Lacy.

This did not stop swimmers or people wanting to relax on the sugar white sand from doing so.

Lacy said, "We've had people in the water and we've talked to some of those people and actually they have not complained. And some of this dryer stuff they didn't even notice it. The beach is still clean. The beach is open and we're not seeing a big impact from this.

Commander Smithson said South Mississippi did avoid one storm, but it's not time to let your guard down.

"With tropic storm, tropic depression Bonnie that came through with the winds that came back out of the South we saw, we'll be seeing more back in the Mississippi Sound," said Commander Smithson.

Commander Smithson said that will depend on the currents and the winds. Lacy said more oil could be visible once the surf goes down.

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