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Bay residents see shoppers despite Bonnie


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HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Residents in Hancock County are breathing a sigh of relief . They say being spared from Bonnie and the oil that might have come with it has them resting a little easier.

"Just put it that way, we dodged a bullet, this time," Frank Boudreaux said.

Frank Boudreaux of Picayune hit the beach in Bay St. Louis as soon as he heard Bonnie was going to be a no show. 

"I'm glad it didn't come through here because we didn't need no more mess," Boudreaux said.

Christine Aron, is just one of many residents who left the confines of home to enjoy what turned out to be a decent day.

"We didn't need the bad weather affecting this oil spill in our waters it would have made it even worse," Aron said.

We found people fishing, boating and even shopping.

"While my friends were at the antique road show since I didn't have a ticket, I thought I would do some exploring around Bay St. Louis," Martha Wells said.

Wells is from Hanceville Alabama vacationing in the Bay.

"I was afraid that any type of a storm would push it further in-land, and that would affect all of the eco systems in the area," Wells said. "I was a little nervous last night when I was watching the news, so as the day got milder and the sun started coming out, I thought we dodged a bullet didn't we?"

Downtown shop owners who didn't expect to see any customers on Saturday were elated that Bonnie's bark turned out to be mightier than her bite.

"I'm delighted to say that's not what happened. It's been a very good day," owner of Twin Light Creations Pam Collins said. "I'd say we probably had 75 to a 100 people come through."

Customers she knows would have gone with the wind.

"The wind in and of itself is bad, but with the oil out in the water, we really didn't know what to expect," Collins said. "What it would do to our beaches and our marshes, the only thing we knew for sure is that it wouldn't going to be good."

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