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Coastal residents worry how hurricanes and oil will mix


By Elizabeth Vowell – email

OCEAN SPINGS, MS (WLOX) - While the remnants of Bonnie fade over the Gulf of Mexico, the peak of hurricane season is still to come. This year a new element is added to the mix of usual concerns.  

Oil in the gulf could pose an additional threat with hurricanes, and that is on the minds of coastal residents. 

"It's going to affect it, but I don't think anyone knows exactly how," said Ocean Springs visitor Mark Henry.  

"One of the concerns we have is the mixture of oil in the water, and it [storms] would bring the water inland, which would bring the oil in with it," said Ocean Springs resident Rodger Farabee.

However, not every resident is looking at the negative sides. 

"I think that the storms that could come along now could disperse the oil instead of it just staying in one little pool all the time. It would churn the water enough to spread it out," said D'Iberville resident Lois Rider.

Farabee said he knows what to expect with a Hurricane, but trying to prepare for added liability of oil is difficult.

"Being here through Katrina, you kind of understand how the insurance companies get kind of detailed. They'll really, really try to find any way to get out of that payment. So I'm sure the oil issue will be a major issue. I hope people are looking into that right now," said Farabee.   

For South Mississippians, when it comes to the oil spill and hurricanes, the bottom line remains the same.

"We've never been in this situation before."

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