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Antiques Roadshow comes to Biloxi


By Jessica Bowman – email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The hit TV series, Antiques Roadshow, made a stop at the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi on Saturday. More than 12,000 people attended the free event, all for one reason, to get their favorite antique appraised.

History lessons were given all around the room as thousands of people piled in to find out if their treasure was worth a pretty penny.

One appraiser said, "It's a shot gun. It's meant to shoot birds, but it's actually based off of military action, and it could be from a couple of different countries."

Kevin Ardoin is from Picayune. He bought a 12 gauge shotgun from a neighbor for 25 dollars. He waited anxiously as the appraiser came up with an estimate. 

The appraiser said, "So, really it's valued as a decorative object. You know something to put up on the wall and hang and enjoy."

As cameras rolled taping episodes for the TV series, appraisers thoroughly looked at items such as rugs, carriages and sports memorabilia.

Robert Gaines is from Jackson, Mississippi. In his wagon sat a train clock that once belonged to his great grandfather.

"Well, found out it was a turn of the century. It's from the 1880's to the 1890's," said Robert Gaines.

Antiques Roadshow appraisers told Gaines the 45 pound clock made of brass and marble was worth thousands of dollars.

Gaines said, "He valued it at around $10,000."

"It has a barometer that needs to be repaired. It has a compass on top and has a thermometer right there and of course the clock," said Gaines.

But, once these parts are fixed and the weathered train is once again in perfect condition, the value will increase.

Gaines said, "It would be worth around $20,000 to $25,000."

Gaines said he has no plans on selling his treasure.

"It's a family heirloom. So, I plan on keeping it in the family," said Gaines.

Ardoin said he's happy to find out his gun is from Japan and plans on keeping it.

All appraisals were free of charge. The Antique's Roadshow next stop will be in Des Moines, Iowa.

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