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Antiques Roadshow visits Biloxi


By Steve Phillips – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Antiques Roadshow is in Biloxi. The most popular show on public television will be taping future episodes on Saturday at the coliseum convention center.

Friday afternoon, a transformation was underway in the concrete floored exhibit hall at the convention center.

"There's a lot that goes into making this happen, beyond what you see on the television screen," said event producer Amy Santamaria.

Production crews are turning a very large area into the comfortable space familiar to fans of Antiques Roadshow.

"People think we could do this event in a small hotel lobby, but actually we need about 75,000 square feet. And here we have even more than that. The better for us that we have room for people. So, it's a huge event. Convention centers are the space we need to make this happen," she said.

Thousands of antique lovers will fill the hall on Saturday. They'll arrive with high expectations, anxiously awaiting an appraisal on a family heirloom or perhaps a treasure they picked up at a yard sale.

Marsha Bemko is the longtime executive producer of the hit series.

"People come here filled with hope. It's palpable, frankly. Whether you're eight or 80 years old, the look in their eyes is exactly the same. They want to learn something. They have hopes that their object may be very valuable. And that's true of all our attendees pretty much," she explained.

The executive producer has a background as a journalist; which makes sense for a show that's as much about interesting stories, as it is about valuable antiques.

Roadshow stories intrigue.

"I'm one of three who run around and do the selection of what we're going to tape. I have turned away a $200,000 sword with no story. We want, we're discovering America's hidden treasures truly. And we want a story with it. That's the best part, it's delicious!"

Antiques Roadshow fans from the Biloxi area will fill the place on Saturday, showing off their antiques and sharing those interesting stories. More than 13,000 people applied for the 6,000 tickets given out for the Biloxi show.

Fans can expect to watch the Biloxi episodes on PBS, sometime early next year.

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