Ministry To Continue Its Work From Higher Ground

The Home of Grace men's choir helped launch a new beginning of the ministry. Staff and those helping build the new cottages cut the ribbon on what will be men's dorms. The work will continue to help recovering addicts on property next to the original site.

Curtis Thigpen of Jackson is a recovering crack addict.

"It's a wonderful place. If you ever in trouble, if you ever have an addiction, if you're ever suffering' and feel like you ain't got no hope - there's hope in Christ. And you'll find it here at the Home of Grace."

Thigpen is one of about 75 men who is kicking an addiction at the Home of Grace. But the home's director says they get calls from so many that they recently agreed to help more.

"Whenever someone calls and we have to say, 'Well, you have to wait two or three weeks,' it's just hard to do cause some of these people are in life or death situations. We increased our numbers to 90, so we need the extra space," says Bill Barton.

The Home of Grace sits on Bluff Creek. Since 1986 the property has flooded nearly a dozen times.

"This particular property is high and dry and we're just so excited about getting settled in. We're looking' forward to it," Barton said.

Barton's father founded the Home of Grace in 1965. Reverend Billy Barton says over the years he has seen more and more people trying to overcome crippling addictions.

"Now it's drugs. Those drugs will just get ahold of you, and they don't even realize it at the time, that it's gonna destroy their lives."