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Supervisors question Northrop Grumman about shipbuilding future


JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County supervisors are planning to meet with Northrop Grumman to find out the what's ahead for shipbuilding in the county.

Supervisor John McKay blasted Mississippi's largest private employer for not informing the county about a plan to sell its shipbuilding division.

Last week, company executives announced they had a desire to get out of the shipbuilding business. The company told the board it's sorry for the lack of communication and will be more transparent in the future. But Northrop Grumman admitted to the board, the shipbuilding future here is just not known at this time.

"Not knowing who the next company will be, if there is a next company, makes the question impossible to answer at this point," said Dorothy Shaw with Northrop Grumman. "Until another entity is selected , if there is one to be selected, the question cannot be answered."

Supervisors say they hope to get an update from Northrop Grumman before the end of the month.

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