Girl Has Sights On Companion Dog

You've probably heard of a Seeing-Eye-Dog, but have you heard of a Companion Dog? Cindy Singletary is a member of Bay Vista Baptist Church in Biloxi. She and the church are trying to raise $18,000 so she can have a companion dog.

"It's a dog that will be with me all the time and whenever I need something I can just say a command and she'll be able to do it," Singletary said.

"The dogs are trained to pick up just about anything," an employee of PAWS said.

Alone, Cindy can't open doors or answer a phone. She can't go to a bank or go shopping, but all that will change once her companion arrives.

"The dog will be her hands and arms for her to help her do those kind of functions, so she should be very independent once she gets this dog," the PAWS employee said.

Independence is something that both Cindy and her mom are hoping for especially since Cindy wants to attend college next year.

"Oh she is so excited. She's been looking forward to more independence and the dog is awesome. She can't wait," Cindy's Mom, Bobbie Singletary said.

Cindy says she can't even describe how it will feel when she won't have to rely on people to help her around. And the smile on Cindy's face tells of a freer life to come thanks to our four legged friends.

Cindy says she plans to attend Jefferson Davis Community College after high school.

If you would like to help Cindy raise money for her companion dog, you can make donations to any branch of Bancorp South.