Local Center Celebrates Five Years Of Discovery

"I don't think Mrs. Meadows or any of us who were involved in this project five, seven, ten years ago realized what we could do here with the support of this great community because it's not been just a few people. That have made this place as wonderful as it is," Lynn Meadows Discovery Center Director Betsy Grant said.

Hundreds of children, parents and volunteers gathered in a storybook wonderland on the grounds of the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center Saturday afternoon all to celebrate the big five.

The center opened its doors on May 17, 1998.

It was named for the late daughter of Carol Lynn Meadows, and the museum was to represent a symbol of youth.

Five years later, the center has simultaneously entertained and educated thousands of children from all over the nation.

And it didn't stop on Saturday.

Kids of all ages were entertained by the Wood and Strings Puppet Theatre as performers presented the West African folk tale, Ananse - the tale of a crafty yet wise spider who dares to challenge God.

The spider in some ways can be compared to the workers and volunteers of the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, who say if you think it's great at five, just wait.

"The Wings Performing Art Center will be opening in the next couple of years. It will be a teaching performing arts center.The capital campaign has begun. Emeril Lagasse is our capital campaign chairperson along with his wife Alden. You're going to see a new permanent exhibit, the wonderful-filled wetlands which will be exciting and lots of programs. And then there's always room for another special event under the oak trees and we just come up with great ideas all the time. So everybody needs to stay tuned to see what we're going to do next," Grant said.