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Jackson Co. law enforcement makes big step in banning spice


By Elizabeth Vowell – email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) – The label said it all: Not for human consumption. That's why Jackson County Law enforcement is working to keep spice off shelves and out of consumer's hands. 

Next week, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors will look at an ordinance to ban the incense that many use as a marijuana substitute.

"It's an ordinance that gives the local government the legs, or if you will the teeth to actually make an arrest. You can say this stuff is not for human consumption, but we all know what people are doing with it," explained Jackson County Narcotics officer Curtis Spiers.   

According to Spiers, a chemical sprayed on the incense causes a drug like high if it is smoked.  However, the Singing River hospital has reported dangerous side effects from smoking spice, including black outs.

Spiers said local sales of spice have exploded in the past months, despite the warnings. 

 "Four or five months ago there may have been three or four stores in Jackson County selling this stuff.  As of last week I surveyed the city of Pascagoula, the city of Moss Point and the city of Gautier.  There're 13 stores in Pascagoula selling it. There're 13 stores in Moss Point selling it. There're seven stores in the city of Gautier selling it," said Spiers.

If passed, Spiers said the ordinance will make the selling or possession of Spice illegal. Something he said all Jackson County law enforcement is behind.

"We're unified on this, we're together in this and we're going to get this stuff out of Jackson County.  So buyer or seller, beware," said Spiers. 

Ordinances have already passed in Moss Point and Gautier.  Spiers said the ordinance gives officers the authority to arrest anyone selling or in possession of the incense. 

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