Scruggs Testifies Before Federal Grand Jury

Dickie Scruggs confirmed months ago he's been cooperating with investigators. He's been asked about making campaign contributions to Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz. Late Friday afternoon,

Scruggs told us, "I have nothing to be uptight about."

He also confirmed there were more questions about Diaz.

"There was perhaps one matter I did have before him, involving a five thousand dollar attorney fee dispute. He (Diaz) was not on the panel, the others ruled on it and it went in my favor, but no, there's no other matter that I've had before before Judge Diaz, Justice Diaz."

Scruggs appeared relaxed as he left the federal courthouse in Jackson after spending about two hours in front of the grand jury. Scruggs wouldn't make any other comments on the specifics of his testimony.

"There will be an appropriate time to talk, but this is not it. I appreciate y'all doing your job. I know why you're here,  and you know why I'm here and there will be a time to talk but this is not the time."

Scruggs says he doesn't know if he'll be called again to testify. But he says prosecutors have not granted him immunity for his testimony.

At least three people who work for attorney Paul Minor have received immunity. One of those people is Minor's bookkeeper. The attorneys for the three told us their clients testified Thursday, but they wouldn't elaborate on what they were asked.

Minor is one of several attorneys and judges whose names surfaced during this lengthy investigation. There's no word when the federal investigation will wrap up and no one has been charged with any wrongdoing.