Ohr Hosts A Day In The Park

A woman portraying Josephine Ohr sat under an oak tree and shared some George Ohr secrets with the Ward family.

A few feet away, Lynn Barnett was touching up a piece of pottery she made. The Gulfport artist said she was honored to have a pottery table at Biloxi's day in the park. She loved that it was so close to the grounds of Ohr's new museum. "We have a great artist community on the coast," Barnett said. "I think it can only help make it better."

Shari McMahon is just as excited about a new museum going up next to Tullis Manor. "It's a tremendous opportunity for artists on the coast," she said.

McMahon used wood from her yard to make baskets -- with a Mad Potter look and feel. "What I've done is I've taken these in here and I've connected them," she said. "So they're forming the kind of frame I want it to be."

That's sort of what Ohr curators did when they came up with a $20 million plan to create a museum campus under these stately oak trees. This day in the park was a chance to give Biloxians a sneak peek at the city's cultural future.

According to McMahon, "It's going to give us a chance to be connected to the rest of the country."

Vancleave artist Randy Fountain believes the museum is "going to be a real blessing to get more cultural activities around here."

Work on the new Ohr museum begins this summer. It's supposed to be done in two years.