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Some happy well is capped, but ask, why not sooner?


By Jessica Bowman – email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Vacationers and locals agree, they are happy the well is capped, but they feel it should have been done before now. Although there's no oil spewing from the sea floor now, it's not a permanent fix.

Willie Farmer said, "That's great news. I'm thinking that's great news myself."

Although longtime Ocean Springs resident Willie Farmer's reaction to the well being capped is joyous, he believes BP should have been prepared for a disaster of this sort.

"It should have been capped a long time ago. I don't understand why it took them so long to do it," said Willie Farmer.

As tests on the capped well continue, BP officials said the pressure is not where it should be. This leaves out-of-towner James Grandberry with an uneasy feeling.

"If they capped it, good, but now I don't believe they're telling us everything about the oil being capped. I think there's still something going on besides, they just capped it, and they're waiting on the pressure to die down. I think there's something else going on," said James Grandberry.

That something else, Grandberry is unsure of. But, his family member, Irene Bell, said while engineers try and figure out a solution, there are still other problems to deal with.

"I'm worried that the Gulf will never be the same. That the ecosystem won't be the same. Then, I'm concerned about the fish, the birds and I mean will they ever come back? Will they ever be there," said Irene Bell.

Bell's worries don't stop there.

"Seeing that it took them so long to fix it and it's such a big problem to cap it, will this happen again," Irene Bell asked.

That is also the worry on Farmer's mind.

"It's just something that they should be prepared for. If something like this does happen," said Willie Farmer.

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