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Two heavyweight MMA fighters are ready to step inside the cage for Saturday's Blood & Sand VIII

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BILOXI, MS (WLOX) -Fight Force International, led by President Ricky Derouen of Biloxi, is promoting "Blood & Sand VIII" and the 32 fighters competing in the caged event hit the weigh scales at the Treasure Bay Casino Friday night.

The main event features a heavyweight match.

Josh Roberts of Opp, Alabama weighed in at 263 pounds.  Roberts is making his pro debut after winning 6 of 8 amateur fights.  Roberts says he is confident.  He bases his confidence on what he accomplished in the amateur ranks. 

"The fight is going to go wherever it needs to go. I just come to fight," Roberts stated.  

He added, " I can't worry about what Wren is going to do. I'm just going to come, play my game and win it however I can win it."

Justin Wren of Greenville, Mississippi has experience under his belt having posted 12 victories in 14 pro matches.

Wren lost only one match in the "Ultimate Fights' television series, bringing a tough reputation to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  

Wren says he gained confidence from that experience on television, "I got a lot of exposure from that, I'm with a World Class camp now that came from the show."  He added, "I'm excited to display those skills that I learned for this fight Saturday night."

Wren won't take Josh Roberts for granted.  He says whenever two big guys step inside the cage anything can happen. 

He respects Roberts saying, "He's a big strong guy. His strengths are my strengths. But I think I'm stronger. I have respect for him but I'm going to take it to him and you now I think I'm going to come out the victor."

Wren was an Olympic hopeful in 2008 but an injury kept him from competing for the U-S Wrestling team.  He's an all-around MMA fighter but will take advantage of his wrestling skills.

Wren weighed 250 pounds.  

General admission seats are $25.

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