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Cancer survivor runs across country promoting health and fitness


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A cancer survivor and long time nurse is running across the country sharing a life saving message about health and fitness.

Helene Neville stretched after a morning jog in Jackson County. The nurse of 28 years started her cross country journey in California and plans to stop in Florida. So far, she has jogged 2,000 miles.

"I just want to lead by example as far as being fit," Neville said. 

This may shock you; Neville is a three time brain cancer survivor, and now she's battling thyroid cancer. 

"For me, as long as there is life, there is still hope." 

Neville is now promoting hope, health and fitness to South Mississippi's nurses and doctors. 

"Would you go to a personal trainer that's 350 pounds and carries a bag a chips? No! So the same is true with healthcare professionals. I think we should live and walk the walk and look the look." 

Neville reminds herself about health and fitness daily. 

"Since 1991, when I became ill, my nutrition level has really helped keep me well," Neville said.  

Neville's story has inspired cancer educator Shirley Likeness who works for Singing River Hospital to get up and get moving.   

"I tell people we are the fattest state in the nation, but we can change that," Likeness said. 

Likeness and Neville both agree a little change can make a big difference. 

"Exercise; be healthy; then we can reduce our risk for hypertension, obesity, all of that," Likeness said. 

The cancer survivor hopes to see that same motivation in other cities as she continues taking steps toward building a healthier world.

At the end of her journey, she's going to have more than 2,500 miles under her belt. Neville said she is the first woman to run this path during daytime hours.

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