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Holloway speaks to Oil Spill Commission


NEW ORLEANS, LA (WLOX) - Biloxi's Mayor A. J. Holloway made his comments on the oil spill to the National Oil Spill Commission Tuesday morning in New Orleans.

Holloway started out by saying, "I have been mayor of Biloxi for 17 years. We've been through everything -- hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, recessions, depressions, everything -- and we've survived it all. The common denominator in those things is that they all had a beginning, a middle and an end. We can deal with that."

Holloway discussed how much of an impact the oil spill is having on the businesses on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. While referring to the USM study on the oil impact, he said the charter boat business is in a "free fall."

Holloway went on to stress that the local governments needs to be in more control. He also praised BP for their reactions to the oil spill, so far.

Holloway ended, "Accidents are going to happen, but our response should be no accident. There needs to be a stronger plan, a better plan, and one that can be triggered immediately. And I believe that the response needs to be driven locally."

To see the Mayor's full speech, click HERE.

Holloway also spoke on Fox News Tuesday morning around 10 a.m.

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