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Father and son fishermen join Vessels of Opportunity to help fight Coastal Crisis


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of south Mississippi fishermen who got their  livelihoods snatched from under them due to BP's oil spill are still joining Vessels of Opportunity. 

Pete Floyd and his Son David were hired by BP two months ago. They've been working seven days a week checking booms, as well as cleaning oil and tar balls out of the Mississippi Sound.

"I really feel like we are accomplishing something. They estimated our crew picked up about 11,000 pounds of tar balls," David Floyd said. 

The Floyds said just about every week they spot oil somewhere in the water, and it's usually easy to find. 

"You will see a little slick spot, like you are pouring gasoline on the water," Pete Floyd said. 

Before joining BP's Vessels of Opportunity, the men made their living fishing.

"It is our heritage, basically our life," the father said.

"So not being able to fish, it is not a matter of losing your job; it is losing everything that is me," the son said. 

The Floyds are now wondering if and when they'll be able to return to doing what they love. Right now, 34 percent of federal Gulf waters are still closed to fishing. Also, all of Mississippi's state waters south of the mainland are off limits. 

"The future is so uncertain. There is really no answer," David Floyd said. 

Until BP's oil gusher is stopped, the Floyds said they'll just have to keeping working for BP to feed their families. 

"Everybody is saying, oh, you are getting rich working this job, you are making so much money," the son said. "I will give all the money back if I just can go back to fishing tomorrow." 

According to BP,  the company has 734 vessels working in Mississippi's waters.

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