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Jimmy Buffett comes back home for free concert

By Doug Walker – bio | email

GULF SHORES, AL (WLOX) - Gulf Shores, Alabama is still a beautiful place, even after it's sugar white beaches were fouled by oil in recent weeks. Evidence of that can still be seen in the special protective fencing that has been installed along miles of beachfront. 

The spill left Jimmy Buffett in a foul mood, but he chooses to see beyond that.  

"You can't help but feel angry," Buffett said. "I mean you wouldn't be human if you didn't, but what is that going to get you? A lot of frustration and a lot of anger doesn't do much."

So the man who created a whole business empire based on the beach and living the laid back lifestyle chose a different route.  

"To get people to come down here and do a free show, because I was finding out the perception, because of the over-reporting of this whole incident around the country was that people thought the Gulf was a cesspool of oil." 

Buffett knows there is strength in numbers, like the thousands who would show up for the concert, cash in hand and ready to help the battered Gulf Shores economy get back on its feet, including the restaurant owned by his sister.  

"The economic repercussions of this are obvious, and that's why we're here. Because if there's one thing I can do, it's draw a crowd." 

And if the crowd can escape the spill in the Gulf, with a few famous songs and a couple of Landsharks, so much the better. There's nothing like a trip to Margaritaville to take your mind off of tough times, according to the head Parrothead.  

"I think everybody needs a break from concentrating 100 percent on this oil spill."  

Despite hundreds of concerts over the years, and thousands of songs, the man from Margaritaville says he is still having the time of his life.   

"I saw Ringo hit 70, so I'm seven years behind that. So I might stop and take a look at that." 

And no doubt, thousands of people took a look at Jimmy Buffett this evening and forgot about their cares and the oil, if only for a little while. 

This evening's concert was pushed back ten days. It was originally scheduled on July 1st, but bad weather caused by Hurricane Alex that week forced the postponement.

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