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Church members from Jackson support the Coast


By Jessica Bowman – email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - More than 40 church members from Jackson are taking the message that the "coast is open for business" to heart. Some of the congregation from Fannin United Methodist Church came to the South Mississippi to tour the coast, eat at local restaurants, shop and support our local economy.

Members of the congregation say lending a helping hand during a time of need is important, and orders of po-boys, catfish and shrimp were placed as the group made their first stop to one of Gulfport's staple restaurants, the Blow Fly Inn.

Mary Jane Cox said, "Food's still good, people are still in business, and we have to keep it that way."

Church member Mary Jane Cox said although the power of prayer is endless, the church felt it in their hearts to do more. So they took Reverend Rod Borders idea and turned into a plan.

"We're going to do a little shopping to support the local businesses around here," said Rev. Rod Borders.

More than 40 people of all ages loaded into the bus, went site seeing down Highway 90 and spent hours and dollars at Prime Outlets in Gulfport.

Rev. Rob Borders said, "It's more of a gesture of caring and hopefully more things will come about it as well."

Blow Fly Inn owner Scott Weinberg said he hopes they're caring ways spread throughout the magnolia state.

"Hopefully it will start some momentum. People coming down and especially our slow season is about to be here. We have about another month of summer, and then after that we need everybody we can get," said Weinberg.

Cox said it's important people on the coast know fellow Mississippians are standing by them.

"We just want to boost morale for the people down in this area that have been going through a tough time," said Mary Jane Cox.

Members said they hope their day vacation lifted the spirits in South Mississippi and also let others know, the coast is open for business.

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