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Biloxi Mayor Will Speak To National Commission

BILOXI,MS. (WLOX)-Biloxi mayor A..J. Holloway will head to New Orleans Tuesday, to speak before a national government commission investigating the Deep Horizon explosion.

The mayor told WLOX News, his message will be short and to the point. "The one thing I know is, I will emphasize that I think the local people need to have more say so in what is going on, we need to keep it more local in my opinion."

The mayor pointed out that otherwise, he is generally pleased with the line of communication BP has opened between his city and their company. One other point he wants to make to the government leaders is about the people who call South Mississippi home.  "The people of the Gulf Coast, are a resilient people. We have been through Katrina, we have been through Camille, we have not been through anything like this, but we will make it."

The mayor also realizes this certainly won't be the last hearing of some sort he will speak to in coming weeks, months and even years dealing with this crisis. The mayor ended our conversation by saying he has been told to keep his comments to a maximum of 7minutes. Mayor Holloway, well known for his brevity, added with a smile on his face, that the time limit won't be a problem.

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