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Invest in our future, plant a tree

This past week WLOX News reporter Steve Phillips showed us some of the majestic live oaks that dot our landscape. While the Magnolia is our state tree, most coastal residents probably would prefer a live oak in their yard.

As you drive up and down the coast you see many of the matriarchs that have weathered a number of hurricanes and are still thriving.

Most coast residents are familiar with the 500 year old Friendship Oak at the USM campus in Long Beach. Years ago you could climb up into the tree and enjoy looking out over the sprawling branches that seemed to sprawl out for miles. It even hosted many a wedding.

While the Friendship Oak is still standing, Hurricane Katrina destroyed a number of other live oaks and others have been sacrificed for progress.

Often you hear that it takes a long time for a live oak to grow. But that is not the case. Live Oak trees grow to a nice size in just a few years.

One way for all of us to help beautify the coast would be to plant a few live oak trees in our yards. The life span of a live oak can be hundreds of years. So by planting live oaks today, you are creating majestic shade trees that not only you can enjoy, but also, many generations to come.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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